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Red Popcorn

Red popcorn kernels are taken from red posole maize. This grain crop belongs to the grass family. Its kernels range from pink to deep red depending on the variety. The red pigment on the kernels comes from anthocyanin which is an antioxidant. As a type of sweet corn this tends to have sweet and nutty flavors in it. For the much loved Ruby Red variety, Fireworks Popcorn Red River Valley Popcorn (Above) offers kernels that pop into small flakes. These have tender hulls that shatter rather than break in half. The result is crunchy popcorn with a deep flavor and nutty undertones. The small size may make this kernel quite costly though, since more seeds will be needed.

Crimson Jewell Premium Popcorn is a good choice for Crimson Red kernels. This pops into a medium sized flake that is white and fluffy. It may appear to have red specks on it, due to the kernel color.

The popcorn has a great texture to it, although a little more oil than usual may be needed during cooking. Overall, it has a good flavor, color and size.

Strawberry popcorn seeds are a bit harder to find in the market, luckily, Jack's Red Strawberry Popping Corn is available. These tiny seeds are especially grown, hand-picked and hand packed to ensure the best quality. It carries a deliciously unique flavor that is unlike other popcorn. Take note though that it needs high heat and is best cooked on the stove top rather than a popper or microwave.

The Mexican named Paloma Roja kernels are best bought in the form of India Tree Paloma Roja (Red) PopCorn. The naturally grown corns are cultivated in family farms. The deep red seeds pop into small white flakes that are crunchy and very tasty.

More On Red Popcorn

When it comes to nutrition value, red popcorn kernels are among the healthiest. As mentioned earlier, it contains anthocyanins and has 350 times more antioxidants than white or yellow popcorn. It has 20% more protein than the mentioned kernels as well.

Among the most popular varieties of red kernels is the Ruby Red which produces large fluffy flakes. Crimson red seeds bring about fluffy white popcorn with red speckles. Strawberry kernels which are small and bring about small sized popcorn that is tasty. Not to be left behind is the Paloma Roja. This pops fluffy white flakes that look like palomitos, or small doves.
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