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Purple Popcorn

An heirloom variety, purple popcorn kernels come from a type of corn that is native to the South American Andes mountains and Peruvian Valley. This deep purple corn dates back to the early Incan days as a staple crop. Today, this unique colored popcorn seed is favored due to the flavor it has as well as the health benefits it brings.

The popular Wabash Valley Farms is one of the few manufacturers that offer purple popcorn kernels. Health buffs and those who simply appreciate the taste of this kernel variety can get this with the Wabash Valley Farms Purple Amish Country Gourmet Popping Corn (Above). Other than being high in fiber and antioxidants it is also flavorful.

Like many other colored popcorn kernels this is tender and has fewer hulls in it. It pops to a fluffy white flake that is a bit smaller than other popcorn types.

An alternative to this is Organic Heirloom Purple Corn Kernels by Natural Zing. This is a sproutable seed that can be planted. For those who want to grow their own popcorn kernels, this is a good choice. It can also be used in the kitchen for other corn based dishes.

More On Purple Popcorn

The dark colored kernel pops into a fluffy snow white flake that is delicate. The flavor carried by this is distinctly sweet and nutty. When it comes to health benefits, purple popcorn kernels are recommended by experts.

Rich in anthocyanin and phenolics it has more antioxidants than other kernel types. In fact, it even has more antioxidants than blueberries.

There are not many types of purple popcorn seeds. Most purple kernels in the market are simply called purple popcorn. Some manufacturers may give their kernels certain names to differentiate it from other brands. However, this variety comes mostly from the heirloom Peruvian corn.
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