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Hulless Popcorn

The name hulless popcorn often misleads consumers to thinking that these kernels have no hulls. However, all popcorn kernels have hulls since this is where the starch is held. Without a hull, it would not be possible to pop the kernel, since moisture and steam would not build up.

Ladyfinger popcorn kernel fans can try the Ladyfinger Hulless Popcorn by AmericanSpice (Above). Seeds from this specific brand are tiny and produce tender popcorn from yellow kernels. It is ideal for people who have braces, wear dentures or have digestive problems. It should be noted though that it may be hard to use with an air popper due to its small size.

Wabash Valley Farms offers a good version of Japanese White with their Baby White Hulless Amish Popcorn. It is a smaller version of their medium white kernels and comes very close to the traditional Japanese hulless popcorn. These small seeds are tender and crisp very well when popped. It leaves no traces of the hulls and has a great flavor as well.

Fireworks Popcorn High Mountain Midnight Popcorn is recommended for those who prefer the blue kernel variety. The rich blue kernels have tender hulls that shatter when popped so hulls do not get in the way of eating.

It has a robust flavor that is not like that of other kernels. Its taste can be compared to wild rice and is very flavorful. The popped kernels are also very light and fluffy.

More On Hulless Popcorn

The main difference with hulless popcorn is the size of the kernel and the type of shell it has. More often than not, these varieties of kernels are smaller in size compared to the usual seed.

It also has a softer hull which allows this to break into finer pieces during the popping process. As a result, the hull becomes less noticeable since less of it is left on the popped starch.

There are a number of different types of hulless popcorn kernels, but the most popular is the classic Japanese White. Ladyfinger, which is of a yellow variety, is another example of hulless popcorn. From the blue variety, Midnight Blue is classified as hulless as well. Many White kernels also fall under this category.
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