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Baby Rice Popcorn

Baby rice popcorn kernels are a hybrid variety of popcorn seeds. The name baby is given to these since they are smaller than the usual kernel. It is shaped similarly to rice grains with both ends being pointed.

Compared to other varieties, baby rice popcorn kernels have a thinner and softer hull. This allows the hull to break into smaller pieces when cooking. As a result, less of the hull is left on the popcorn. Additionally, any hull that is left behind is soft because of the tenderness of this kernel variety.

If you are looking for white baby rice kernels, Wabash Valley Farms Amish Country Gourmet Popping Corn (Above) is a good choice. It comes very close to the old Japanese variety of hulless kernels and is very tender. Of course, like other seeds of this type, it has great flavor.

Popcorn   ladyfinger

For the classic yellow kernel with baby rice characteristics, Wabash Valley Farms Premium Amish Country Ladyfinger Popcorn is an excellent pick. This is an open pollinated variety and has small kernels that work well with a stove top popper.

Wabash Valley Farms also carries a Baby Blue variety in their Amish Country Gourmet Popping Corn, Sweet Baby Blue. Despite the small size, you get very little old maids since most of the kernels pop. It has a delicious flavor and a great crunch to it.

Popcorn   variety pack
Finally for a good Autumn Blaze or Mixed Baby Rice, try the Gourmet Popping Corn Gift by Fireworks Popcorn. This gift set carries both of these popular varieties and more. With the Autumn Blaze you will get small crunchy flakes while the Baby Rice gives you small white hulless flakes. It is a good choice, especially if you want to try several different kinds of baby rice popcorn kernels.

More On Baby Rice Popcorn

Like other types of popcorn kernels, baby rice popcorn also comes in different varieties. Perhaps the most popular of all is the Japanese Baby White. Equally popular is the Ladyfinger variety which has yellow kernels.

For blue seeds, the Baby Blue kernels offer small delicious white popcorn. Red seeds are also available in the well known Autumn Blaze. A taste of these various varieties can also be found in Baby Rice.
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