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Black Popcorn

A variety of blue corn, black popcorn kernels date back to pre-Columbian times being cultivated by Mesoamericans. It is a non-hybrid heirloom seed that produces long, slender cobs with deep black colored kernels. Favored by farmers for its high yielding crop, its popcorn kernels produce small tender white flakes with a dark colored hull.

Premium Black seeds by Black Jewel (Above) are top grade kernels that pop into white crunchy yet tender flakes. When popped, the flakes have their own natural flavor that has some sweetness to it.

This goes well with olive oil and does not need much flavoring to enhance taste. When cooked with healthy oil, it can make an excellent low calorie snack.

Those who want a Black Hills variety can try Fireworks Popcorn Black Hills Popcorn. Grown by small farmers in the Midwest exclusively for this brand, you can expect a crunchy and rich tasting flake. Health buffs will be happy to know that this particular seeds are all natural without any GMO's. It also does not have any dyes in it.

If you have a green thumb and want to take your love for popcorn to another level, try planting your own corn. The Seeds of Change S16630 Certified Organic Dakota Black PopCorn will give you a 4 to 6 foot plant in more or less 100 days. The long maturing corn will give delicious white popcorn after processing and cooking.

For a Black Aztec variety Seeds and Things offers Organic Rare Black Aztec Corn Seeds. These corn variety originally planted by the Aztecs grows into a 6-10 foot plant with medium sized ears that carry a sweet taste. It may be difficult to find, but it is quite easy to grow and makes delicious popcorn.

More On Black Popcorn

In terms of taste, black popcorn kernels produce sweet tasting popcorn that is enjoyed by many. Nutrition wise, black kernels have the one of the highest amounts of anti-oxidants in them.

In terms of variety, black popcorn kernels are less diverse compared to other kernel types. The most common to be found in the market is the Black Jewel, which is a hulless variety that has delicate flakes.

Another popular type to be found is the Dakota Black variety with small ears and pointed seeds. The Black Hills variety produces naturally buttery tasting popcorn. A less popular variety which is mostly found only in specialty stores for home growing is the Black Aztec.
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