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Popcorn Recipes

When it comes to popcorn I'm a traditionalist and there is nothing I enjoy more than a nice bowl of popcorn covered in butter and salt. However, sometimes I like to add some variety by trying out different popcorn recipes.

There is a wide range of popcorn recipes and they incorporate anything from chocolate to caramel to fruit and nuts...or even hot peppers! We've scoured the Internet and popcorn books, and relied on our own experience to gather the best popcorn recipes we've found.

If you have any popcorn recipes you'd like to share then please share them with us and we'll be happy to post them on the site and give you credit.

Now enjoy the best popcorn recipes we have to offer!

Our Best Popcorn Recipes

Chocolate Popcorn Recipes

Chocolate Popcorn Recipes image One of the best kinds of popcorn is chocolate popcorn but it can be hard to find. Luckily it is easy to make your own if you follow any of our chocolate popcorn recipes.

Here are the best chocolate popcorn recipes we've found and they should get you started making your own chocolate popcorn in no time.

Caramel Corn Recipes

Caramel Corn Recipes image A classic pairing is caramel and popcorn. From Cracker Jacks to caramel corn it has been a favorite snack through the ages. We try to help you recreate these dishes at home with our caramel corn recipes and other caramel popcorn recipes.

Cheese Popcorn Recipes

Cheese Popcorn Recipes image Any collection of popcorn recipes wouldn't be complete without having cheese popcorn recipes. We are working on collecting some of the best we can find.

Popcorn Ball Recipes

Popcorn Ball Recipes image Popcorn balls are a favorite childhood food for many people. Luckily, they're also easy to make at home. We've collected some great popcorn recipes that will help you replicate your childhood memories in your own kitchen.

Kettle Corn Recipes

Kettle Corn Recipes image Some of the best popcorn recipes are those for kettle corn. It's a great sweet and salty popcorn treat that evokes memories of childhood and the fair.

Best of all? They are some of the easiest popcorn recipes to make!

Sweet Popcorn Recipes

Sweet Popcorn Recipes image Some of our favorite popcorn recipes are the sweet ones. From cinnamon to nutmeg, brown sugar to maple sugar, and caramel to chocolate, sweet popcorn recipes are just awesome!

Spicy Popcorn Recipes

Spicy Popcorn Recipes image One of the great things about popcorn is that because of its mild flavor it can be used as a blank canvas for other flavors. A great way to take advantage of this is by using spicy popcorn recipes.
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