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Welcome to the How To Make Popcorn website brought to you by Primolicious LLC. The company is comprised of a father-son team of entrepreneurs creating products that inform and entertain for communities with a shared passion. We are both popcorn enthusiasts so we decided to create a site around our favorite snack. We hope you'll find the website both informative and fun.

Our Popcorn Story

For most folks just the smell of popcorn can trigger a flood of pleasant memories set around eating popcorn: the family clustered on the couch watching a favorite movie; sharing a tub of popcorn at the movie theater with a "hot" date; or making Jiffy Pop over a roaring campfire. I hope all of your "popcorn memories" are great ones.

As long as I can remember I have enjoyed eating popcorn - and lots of it! Both my wife and son also have my passion for popcorn. We all love popcorn with every fiber of our being (pun intended). I have many fond memories of popcorn and I would like to share two of them with you.

Popcorn - The Breakfast of Champions!

My wife Barb and I would often make a couple of large bowls of popcorn for our late-night snack. The most memorable of these occurred in February of 1978, when apparently a full belly of the buttery snack was a catalyst in sending Barb into labor. We headed to the hospital later that night and our son Jason was born early that morning. Since the last food Barb ate was that big bowl of popcorn I guess you could say the first "food" Jason experienced was his mother's milk fortified with popcorn - truly the breakfast of champions. It's no wonder Jason has always liked the stuff.

Popcorn - Better Than Drugs

In my early forties I was involved in a serious automobile accident. I was fortunate to survive but my back was broken leaving me a paraplegic, paralyzed from the chest down. I spent quite a while in the hospital recuperating before being moved to a rehabilitation facility where I began to learn how to live in my "new" body. As you might suspect this experience was difficult both physically and psychologically.

I was in the rehab facility for a long time but one night in particular stands out. I had experienced a typically stressful day and after dinner was talking on the telephone with my wife Barb, who has at home. She was working on the computer and had run into a problem so she called me as usual for assistance. We spoke for nearly an hour and I was not able to help her. This was just one more thing that I could now add to my list of "things I could not do anymore." I had been building this "list" for months but for some reason this was the proverbial "straw that broke the camel's back." I was crushed psychologically and sank to a new low of depression.

Fortunately Barb sensed my state of mind and said she would come visit me. She brought a couple of bags of microwave popcorn with her and popped them at the nurse's station. We stuffed ourselves with popcorn and chatted into the night. In looking back that night was clearly a turning point in my recovery. I definitely hit bottom that night, but more importantly, it marked the start of my recovery. There were a few more minor set backs but I never sank that low ever again.

A couple of things happened that night that helped me turn my life around but that silly bag of popcorn was the best medicine I could have had. At least I knew I could still enjoy popcorn, it was one piece of normalcy I could hang on to. So I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for popcorn - it's been there for me in good times and bad.

We hope this site will enrich your experience with popcorn and help you build more pleasurable popcorn memories.

About Gary Logsdon

I became paralyzed from the chest down about 20 years ago when my back was broken in a serious automobile accident. Following my rehab I was grateful to be able to return to work as the leader of a hardware / software development team. During my 30-year hi-tech career I was involved in the development of a variety of products from PCs to mainframes as well as Internet-based software applications.

In 2003 I took a hiatus from the high-tech arena and formed a financial planning practice with a good friend. We were successful at growing the practice and initially it was a welcome relief from the hectic pace of product development. But to my surprise, I really began to miss the challenge and excitement of creating products. So in my spare time our son Jason, who is a web developer, and I started to create websites around topics that interested us.

In 2009 my wife Barb and I decided to move from Utah to Connecticut to be closer to Jason and his wife - life is too short to see the ones you love only once or twice a year. As a result I sold my half of the practice and decided to work with Jason full time.

Since that time we have been creating a variety of products including websites, web-based applications, books and mobile applications. It's great to be back developing products - I'm loving every minute of it.

About Jason Logsdon

I have been programming for 15 years and creating online fantasy games and sports communities for the last 8 years. Five years were spent at ESPN where I worked on every fantasy game they produced. I was also directly responsible for around 40 fantasy games a year, including the draft and manage basketball and baseball games, as well as the NCAA Tournament Challenge game which has over a million users.

I left ESPN as the first employee and co-founder of FanNation.com, a community-based sports website, which was purchased by Sports Illustrated within its first year. I have also produced websites and online platforms for NFL.com and NBC, built the web platform for the United States Olympic Committee, and programmed several social sites for Entertainment Weekly, AOL, and Time Warner.

I now work part time as a consultant and spend the rest of my time building businesses based on my passions, including cooking, sous vide, and vegetable gardening.
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