Popcorn Containers

Popcorn Containers Popcorn containers are a great way to serve popped kernels. Not only do they conveniently store flakes and make it easy to carry around, they also add to the aesthetic appeal of this delicious snack. There is no doubt that an overflowing container will appeal to those who enjoy popcorn.

Types of Popcorn Containers

There are different types of popcorn containers to be found. The oldest type of packaging or container for popcorn is the classic paper bag. Commercial popcorn was often sold in this during earlier times. Today manufacturers still make popcorn bags. These are often made from paper and can hold about 1.5 to 2 ounces of popcorn.

Another type of container is the popcorn box. Made from light weight cardboard these are often tall and rectangular with an open top. Sizes for this may vary with some boxes being able to fit 1.5 ounces of popcorn and others accommodating as much as 4 ounces.

Popcorn buckets or tubs are often used for holding large amounts of popcorn. These are made out of thick paper making it durable. Like boxes, sizes for these may also vary. Smaller buckets may have a capacity of 32 ounces while bigger once can hold as much as 128 ounces.

Reusable containers are not quite as popular as the first three types of popcorn containers. This is often employed in homes or food establishments where re-usable containers are preferred. Designed to look like disposable containers these are moderately sized with filling capacities ranging from 4 ounces to 30 ounces of popcorn.

Popcorn Containers

Popcorn Bags

Popcorn Bags image Popcorn bags are the first type of packaging that popcorn came in. In the late 1800's when the snack became popular in carnivals and fairs vendors would pack them in these.

Later on, bagged popcorn became a staple snack outside movie theaters movie goers could buy before going in. As it continued to become more popular, movie theaters began selling popcorn in bags inside the theaters itself.

Popcorn Boxes

Popcorn Boxes image Boxed popcorn usage started out with the production of Cracker Jacks in the late 1890's. The use of popcorn boxes became popular in movie theaters in the mid 1900's.

Popcorn bags rustled and made too much noise inside theaters disturbing viewers, so vendors resorted to serving flakes in boxes. The replacement of bags to boxes allowed movie goers to enjoy this delicious snack without disturbing other viewers.

Popcorn Buckets

Popcorn Buckets image The introduction of television, movie players and home theater systems somehow slowed down the hype for movie theater popcorn. However, many still enjoy the snack and have a need for a lot of flakes.

Popcorn buckets, also called the popcorn tubs, are living proof of this. For those who love to eat this snack, one popcorn bag or box may not be enough. Rather than having to go back for more, this container provides you with more than enough popcorn.

Reusable Popcorn Containers

Reusable Popcorn Containers image The right container always makes eating popcorn a better experience. For those who enjoy eating this while watching movies at home, a popcorn container will make you feel like you are in a theater.

While using disposable containers are convenient, it may not be very practical. Each one can only be used once and has to be disposed after. Those who consume a lot of popcorn will also end up consuming a whole lot of popcorn containers. So you may want to opt for some reusable popcorn containers.
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