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Popcorn Boxes

Boxed popcorn usage started out with the production of Cracker Jacks in the late 1890's. The use of popcorn boxes became popular in movie theaters in the mid 1900's.

Popcorn bags rustled and made too much noise inside theaters disturbing viewers, so vendors resorted to serving flakes in boxes. The replacement of bags to boxes allowed movie goers to enjoy this delicious snack without disturbing other viewers.

Spillage is often a problem when it comes to an open top popcorn box. This is easily solved when you use Great Northern Movie Theater Popcorn Boxes (Above). These containers come with a box top that folds down to prevent popcorn from spilling out. It is great for children and when serving flakes in bulk.

It holds 1.25 ounces of popcorn which is a good amount for one person. The boxes come folded so storage is not a problem.

Those who prefer open top boxes can use the 47e Open Top Popcorn Box, 100 Case by Snappy Popcorn. This 3.5" across the top x 7.5" long box has a 2.5" bottom.

It looks just like containers used in theaters and gives that nostalgic feeling with the classic red and white design. The wide mouth makes it easy to use and put popcorn into.

For something similar but in smaller amounts, the Regency Paperboard Popcorn Holder is a good pick. It has a similar vintage look that is loved by many. Each container can hold about 2 cups of popcorn.

The best part is that this comes in a 6-pack so you don't need to worry about buying 100 pieces or more. It will work perfectly for home use or even at parties with just a few guests.

Darice offers a great opportunity for creativity with their 1405-048, Darice Popcorn Boxes Favor Box. This plain 8x4x1.5 popcorn box is perfect for personalizing.

It can be decorated with anything you want and be used to serve popcorn and other goodies. Go ahead - get creative!

More On Popcorn Boxes

Today popcorn boxes are still a popular choice when containers are concerned. It is firmer than paper and can stand on its own, providing a steady container that can be set down. This makes it easier to use since it does not have to be held all the time.

The material of popcorn boxes also makes this type of container more durable. It is thicker and absorbs less oil than paper does. It can also hold more than the typical popcorn bag.

Being made from paper, popcorn boxes are also environmentally friendly. On the down side a popcorn box can be more difficult to dispose. It is bigger and bulkier than a paper bag. Although it can be crumpled, it is still bigger and consumes more space in the trash.

Some popcorn boxes may also be coated with perfluorinated chemicals (PFC) that serve as waterproofing. When exposed to heat from the popcorn it may stick to the food and become ingested. PFCs are not healthy for children and pregnant women, making the use of popcorn box containers something to think twice about.
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