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Popcorn Buckets

The introduction of television, movie players and home theater systems somehow slowed down the hype for movie theater popcorn. However, many still enjoy the snack and have a need for a lot of flakes.

The popcorn bucket is living proof of this. For those who love to eat this snack, one popcorn bag or box may not be enough. Rather than having to go back for more, this container provides you with more than enough popcorn.

If you are looking for a tub that is big, but not too big Paragon has just the thing. Their Round Popcorn Buckets (Above) can hold 13.1 ounces of popped kernels. This is a good amount to the usual 2 to 4 ounces that you get from a bag or box.

It also comes in just the right amount, 12 pieces to be exact. There's no need to order an entire case for a single event or for home use. It should be noted that this container is recommended for ages 18 and up by the manufacturer.

For something bigger than this, Great Northern Popcorn 50 Movie Theater Popcorn Bucket does a good job. It will hold 32 ounces of popcorn without any trouble. The wax on the bucket is also good and no oil or butter seeps out of the container.

This will allow you to make a refill in the same tub without having to worry about the container getting destroyed.

Wabash Valley Farms also sells good jumbo sized buckets. Their Popcorn Butter Tubs can hold as much as 128 ounces of flakes. It comes with a cute retro design that has a movie theater feel to it.

With 5 pieces in a pack, there is just the right amount for home use. It also makes an excellent container for a popcorn gift basket.

More On Popcorn Buckets

Sizes for popcorn tubs range from solo to family size. More often than not, buckets tend to be on the bigger side.

Popcorn capacity for bigger tubs usually starts at 30 ounces and can go all the way up to more than a hundred ounces. This is ideal not just for people who need large servings, but for groups and families as well.

As the name implies popcorn tubs are made in a bucket like fashion. Most of these are circular with a large mouth making it very easy to fill. A few manufacturers do make tubs in a rectangular shape, although it is less common.

Like popcorn boxes these are made with thick paper, making it sturdy. It is also common for a popcorn bucket to come with a special wax coating to prevent the bucket from absorbing oil from the flakes.

This can be important since tubs holds more popcorn than usual, meaning there is also more oil present. In the same way as boxes the presence of this coating may be a cause for concern for some people.
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