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Reusable Popcorn Containers

The right container always makes eating popcorn a better experience. For those who enjoy eating this while watching movies at home, a popcorn container will make you feel like you are in a theater.

While using disposable containers are convenient, it may not be very practical. Each one can only be used once and has to be disposed after. Those who consume a lot of popcorn will also end up consuming a whole lot of popcorn containers.

Reusable containers offer a sensible way to get that same theater popcorn experience without the expense.

Whatsinthehouse has a set of reusable popcorn buckets that will give you that movie theater feeling. These Plastic Popcorn Tubs for Movie Night! (Above) come with 4 individual tubs and 1 jumbo tub.

Each individual cup can hold as much as 4 cups of popcorn, while the jumbo tub can hold as much as 4 microwave bags of flakes.

All containers come with the classic popcorn box design and color. Made from flexible plastic it is lightweight and easy to handle.

The same company also has a set of just 2 reusable popcorn containers. Plastic Popcorn Containers -Set of 2 is perfect for those who don't need many reusable containers. Each plastic tub holds about 3 to 4 cups of popcorn.

Like the ones above, it is also flexible and lightweight. However, there is quite a small price difference between the set of 2 and the set of 5.

Wabash Valley Farms has a version of a reusable popcorn container as well. The Wabash Valley Farms Fun Time Popcorn Bowl is 10" x 5.5" inches and can hold 6 quarts of popcorn.

It holds a good amount of popcorn and can be used for many other things. If you are looking for something more than a popcorn container this is a good choice.

More On Reusable Popcorn Containers

Made from plastic, reusable popcorn containers are normally created to look just like popcorn boxes with the same shape and design. This gives the same nostalgic feeling that you get with theater bought popcorn.

Reusable plastic containers are stackable, making storage easy. They can easily be washed and re-used anytime needed.

Other types of reusable popcorn containers in the market include bowls. These do not come in the usual popcorn box shape. However, many of these are decorated and have their own unique look to them. Likewise, these can easily be washed and used over when the need arises.

For many having reusable popcorn containers around makes it easier to enjoy eating popcorn without putting a strain on the budget. It is a onetime investment that can be used for parties and other special events as well. At the same time it is safe for use since it does not contain any special wax coating that many worry about.
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