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Soybean Oil Popcorn

Soybeans Not many of us have had soybean oil popcorn, but we thought we would include it for completeness. Soybean oil is a vegetable fat taken from glycine max seeds, more commonly known as soybeans. This is a legume that originates from East Asia, cultivated for the edible bean in it.

Categorized as an oilseed it is used for printing, paint and ink production. It is also used for cooking and is a common ingredient in many processed foods such as mayonnaise, margarine, sandwich spreads, snack foods and many more. Soybean oil has gained popularity in the food industry and in many households because of it price and characteristics.

If you are looking to buy soybean oil in large quantities, Cibaria Fior D' Italia Organic Soybean Oil is a good choice. It comes in 64 oz. compared to the usual smaller amounts in 16 oz. bottles. Being an organic product, there is no need to worry about GMO seeds or the use of chemicals. The oil has a neutral taste and does not have the usual unrefined oil smell. This will go a long way in the kitchen from soybean oil popcorn cooking to baking.

Popcorn   esutras soybean oil
For non hydrogenated soybean oil, eSutras Organic Soybean Oil is worth a try. As with the first product, it is also organic and naturally processed. The best part is that since it is not hydrogenated it contains no trans fat. What it does have is a good amount of poly and monounsaturated fats. Aside from this it also comes packed with all the essential amino acids in just the right amounts.

More On Soybean Oil Popcorn

In terms of smoke point, oil from soybean can tolerate temperatures up to 460 degrees F, before it breaks down. Such heat makes it ideal for frying, baking and soybean oil popcorn cooking. Aside from heat tolerance it also carries a neutral flavor that will not affect the taste of food. Over and above all this, soybean oil has a long shelf life that allows it to be stored for up to a year. This also means that it will not easily become rancid when incorporated in food.

How Soybean Oil is Made

Unlike other vegetable fats, oil from a soybean is extracted mostly with the use of solvents. Although mechanical means, such as a hydraulic press, can be used it yields less oil. Beans are removed from the hull, then cleaned and dried to approximately 75 degrees C in preparation for extraction. The prepped beans are then flaked and immersed in a solvent such as hexane. The oil is then separated via evaporation, followed by refining to eliminate any impurities.

Soybean Oil Nutritional Value

Many experts do not consider soybean oil to be as healthy as other vegetable oils. This is due to the fact that many commercial soybean oil products are hydrogenised and contain more saturated fats than other oils.

However, soybean oil that does not undergo this process is quite healthy. A 100 gram serving of soybean oil will contain 16 grams of saturated fat, 23 grams of monounsaturated fat and 58 grams of polyunsaturated fats. It also contains antioxidants which are not removed during processing.

Advantages of Use

  • Nutrition - not only does soybean oil contain vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids. It is also a good source of protein, carbohydrates and minerals. When used in soybean oil popcorn cooking, it can provide your popcorn with a lot of nutritious components.
  • Price - as mentioned above, soy oil is cheaper than some other oils in the market. Being budget friendly, this is an ideal oil to use for large amounts of soybean oil popcorn cooking and for other purposes.
  • Safety - pregnant and breast feeding women will be happy to know that they can use this oil for popcorn and other foods without any problems. It is both healthy and safe for use during these times.

Disadvantages of Use

  • Allergies - soybeans come from the same family as peanuts and other legumes. People who have nut allergies may also be allergic to this type of oil. Those with such allergies must be cautious when using this.
  • Hydrogenised Versions- many manufacturers often hydrogenise soy oil to increase shelf life for commercial productions. Those who buy this type of soybean oil will get higher amounts of trans fat.
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