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Olive Oil Popcorn

Olives Olive oil popcorn is a favorite of many popcorn enthusiasts. As its name implies, olive oil is a vegetable fat derived from olives. It is used throughout the world for numerous purposes including cosmetics, soap production, pharmaceuticals and cooking.

With its distinct flavor and properties, olive oil is a common kitchen ingredient in many different places, but is most common in the Mediterranean. Olives have been in the area as far back as Neolithic times. Today, Europe is still a major producer of this oil with Spain, Italy and Greece being the biggest sources.

Those looking for first class extra virgin olive oil can turn to Frantoia Barbera Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Sicily. Used by chefs and restaurants this oil has a wonderfully delicious and robust fruity flavor. It is authentic and unlike some adulterated olive oil products.

As expected of oil with this quality, it is quite pricey but still cheaper than some brands in the market. For those who enjoy using true olive oil, not just for popping kernels, it is a good investment.

When price is an issue, Chloe Farms 100% Pure Kalamata Olive Oil is a good alternative. A product of Sparta, Greece this oil has a full bodied fruity flavor. It does not contain any cholesterol, preservatives or additives. The best part is that comes with a very good price for a 3-liter tin. This can be good for those who do a lot of olive oil popcorn cooking and use olive oil generously for other dishes.

More On Olive Oil Popcorn

Olive oil is graded according to its source and qualities. Classifications are categorized as virgin and refined. Virgin refers to oil extracted without the use of any chemical treatments. It displays the highest quality and best flavor. Refined oil undergoes chemical treatment to help reduce acidity by eliminating free fatty acids. This process also helps to neutralize any strong flavors.

How Olive Oil is Made

The processing of olive oil begins with the harvesting of tree ripened olive fruits. This is followed by a mechanical pressing to grind the olives into a paste. The amount of grinding time is crucial since too much grinding may increase oxidation and reduce flavor. On the other hand, too little grinding may not produce enough oil.

The paste is then pressed to separate the oil from water and other organic particles. The resulting product is virgin olive oil. If it undergoes further processing it is turned into extra virgin olive oil. In cases where refining is done, the oil is purified further through chemical treatment to lighten color, reduce odor, increase shelf life and the like.

Olive Oil Nutritional Value

Many experts consider olive oil to be the healthiest vegetable fat for cooking due to the amount of monounsaturated fats that it has. A 100 gram serving of this will contain 73 grams of monounsaturated fats, 11 grams of polyunsaturated fats and only 14 grams of saturated fats. It also has strong anti-oxidant properties and Vitamins E and K. The total calorie serving for 100 grams of olive oil is 3,701 kJ.

Advantages of Use

  • Health - without a doubt, olive oil popcorn cooking is much better for the body compared to other oils. Olive oil is good for the heart, helps lower blood pressure, fights cancer cells and many more.
  • Taste - this oil carries a very distinct taste on its own, which is enjoyed by many. Its flavor can be described as a mixture of fruity, pungent and pleasantly bitter. Using it to pop kernels will leave off some of its taste that compliments a number of different seasonings.

Disadvantages of Use

  • Smoke Point - olive oil is most suitable for moderate to high heat cooking. It has a smoke point of 374 degrees F. For those deciding to go with olive oil popcorn cooking, caution needs to be taken to make sure that the oil and kernels do not get burned.
  • Price - this is perhaps one of the most, if not the most expensive oil in the market. While it is healthy and leaves a good flavor, it may not be very good for the budget. It can be good for home cooking and small batches of popcorn, but will prove costly for large quantities.
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