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Traditional Popcorn Seasoning

Morton Popcorn Salt ShakerDespite the many different choices for popcorn flavors in the market today, traditional popcorn seasoning has not taken a back seat. A good number of people still enjoy good old flavors such as plain salted. Traditional flavors are a great way to enjoy popcorn in the simplest way-without any frills, just some delicious popped kernels with a little surprise in it.

Butter Flavored Popcorn ToppingOne of the best sellers for butter topping is Butter Flavored Popcorn Topping by Wabash Farms. This butter topping also doubles as oil for popping. It goes on thick and leaves a creamy, buttery flavor and texture. For those who enjoy movie theater popcorn, this will do just the trick.

Jolly Time Buttery SeasoningFor those who prefer sprinkling their seasoning on, Jolly Time Buttery Seasoning is a good alternative. Being one of the leaders in the popcorn industry, manufacturers have come up with this easy to use product. It provides just the right buttery taste with a mix of salt in it.

Butter Buds SprinklesAnother alternative to this is Butter Buds Sprinkles which is perfect for those watching their diet. It contains no fat or cholesterol making it a healthy choice. It also contains just 5 calories per serving.

When it comes to popcorn salt, Morton Popcorn Salt (pictured at the top of the page) is the best choice. Manufactured by the authority in salt, it comes with finely ground granules that will give popcorn just the right saltiness. This makes it perfect for cooking up a batch of some old style popcorn.

Salt & Vinegar SeasoningFor the tangy taste of salt and vinegar a good bet is Fries Seasoning's Salt and Vinegar Seasoning. This is made primarily for seasoning french fries but it's equally at home on popcorn. If you really like the punch of salt and vinegar you might get adventursome and try this seasoning on baked potatoes, veggies, pasta, rice, chicken, burgers, and salads!

More On Traditional Popcorn Seasoning

Although traditional seasonings can easily be found in the kitchen, these flavors can also be found in store shelves among other popcorn seasonings. Being especially made for use with popcorn, these bring out the best flavors in this snack. Popular traditional popcorn seasoning includes:


There's nothing like a big bowl of perfectly popped corn kernels topped off with delicious butter. The smell alone can be enticing enough and the simple yet satisfying taste will leave consumers reaching for more.


What could be better than enjoying popcorn unadulterated? Go old school and enjoy popcorn in its simplest seasoning. Salt enhances the taste of this snack without masking any of its natural goodness.

Salt and Vinegar

This seasoning is good not just on crisps, but on popcorn as well. It gives a bit of a twist to the classic salt topping by adding a tangy goodness to it. This is a great way to enjoy good old popcorn with an edge.
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