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Green Zebra

Green Zebra Stats

Height: 48 - 108" (1.22-2.74 m)
Plant Spacing: 24 - 36" (0.61-0.91 m)
Row Spacing: 60 - 72" (1.52-1.83 m)
Days to Maturity: 70 - 80
Growing Habit: Indeterminate
Sun: Full Sun
Color: Bi-Color, Red, Yellow
Size: Medium
Shape: Medium
Genetic Type: Hybrid
Variety Type: Slicers
Disease Resistance: N/A

Common Uses

Salads, sandwiches, relishes, sauces, can be fried, eaten fresh or canned

Other Names


Information for Green Zebra

Marked with green and yellow zebra-like vertical stripes, the Green Zebra tomato is one of the unique cultivars that noticeably add visual appeal and color to dishes. This tomato variety was bred by Tom Wagner, a breeder of Everett, Washington who wanted to develop a tomato that does not have any cracking tendencies. In 1983, Wagner presented his Green Zebra tomatoes in the published Tater-Mater Seed Catalog. Since then, the Green Zebra has become a phenomenal tomato thanks to its looks and taste.

Despite being an open pollinated variety, Green Zebra tomatoes are not heirlooms. They grow on indeterminate vigorous vines that carry characteristically green-fleshed fruits lined with yellow streaks. There are also recent variations wherein the tomato transforms into a reddish color when ripe instead of yellow.

The Green Zebra has a hint of spiciness uncommon in tomatoes. It has that piquant taste wherein a fusion of sweetness and sourness come together. Its distinctively rich flavor emerges from its meaty texture. Green Zebra tomatoes have been widely used in various dishes. They are impressively capable of drawing out the flavors of sauces, relishes, and salads.

These plants make great additions to a tomato patch as they showcase their uniquely colored fruits. It is very easy to grow and will produce nicely either in containers or on the ground. The vines need to be kept staked or caged to reinforce production.

When not cultivated properly, the plant sometimes produces friable, starch-like fruits. Moreover, compared to heirlooms, they are not sufficiently susceptible to plant diseases. Full sunlight and moderate watering are required in order for the plant to develop well.

California is considered to be one of the regions that abundantly grows Green Zebra tomatoes. It is known that Alice Waters, chef and proprietor of the famous Chez Panisse in California, added Green Zebra tomatoes to her list of fresh and organic ingredients. Green Zebra tomato salads and fritters are some of the choice food preparations listed on her menu. You can also find Green Zebra seedlings sold in farmers markets and order catalogs online.

Photo Credit: Pattie
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