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Fantastic Stats

Height: 96 - 120" (2.44-3.05 m)
Plant Spacing: 36 - 48" (0.91-1.22 m)
Row Spacing: 36 - 48" (0.91-1.22 m)
Days to Maturity: 69 - 80
Growing Habit: Indeterminate
Sun: Full Sun
Color: Red
Size: Medium
Shape: Medium
Genetic Type: Hybrid
Variety Type: Paste/Canning, Slicers
Disease Resistance: V, F, N, T

Common Uses

Salads, sauces, dips, soups, canned or eaten fresh

Other Names


Information for Fantastic

As the name implies, the Fantastic hybrid variety remains an all-time favorite tomato for its incredible flavor. Originating in the United States, the Fantastic tomato is an indeterminate type that sets progressively with its harvest lasting for several months. As an indeterminate growing plant, it is suitable for cultivating in trellises, cages, or on mulch.

Fantastic tomatoes come from tall and vigorous plants that produce reliable yields. They have a wide adaptability to most growing areas and continuously produce through the entire season. The plants bear meaty, deep red fruit of high quality that is standard in shape and medium in size. They have sufficient foliage covering the fruits that are relatively free from blemishes and cracks.

For its flavor and aromatic characteristics, the smooth and firm tomatoes are rich-tasting and sweet-smelling. They are excellent as slicers that go well with salads and sandwiches. The solid but juicy consistency of the tomatoes makes them ideal for eating plain and good for canning.

The Fantastic tomato is among one of the exceptional hybrids that have multiple disease-resistance properties. It is also considered to have a strong tolerance to drought. They are rare and not commonly available commercially, although these can be found in online catalogs. In fact, they commonly grow only in a few regions across the United States. Colorado, Georgia, New Jersey, Utah, and Virginia are some of the areas that produce Fantastic tomatoes.

Photo Credit: jenniferworthen
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