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Delicious Stats

Height: 48 - 96" (1.22-2.44 m)
Plant Spacing: 24 - 48" (0.61-1.22 m)
Row Spacing: 36 - 60" (0.91-1.52 m)
Days to Maturity: 69 - 80
Growing Habit: Indeterminate
Sun: Full Sun
Color: Red
Size: Large
Shape: Large
Genetic Type: Heirloom
Variety Type: Paste/Canning, Really Big Ones, Slicers
Disease Resistance: N/A

Common Uses

Soups, salads, sauces, salsa, tomato juices, sandwiches, canned or eaten fresh

Other Names

Burpee Delicious, Red Delicious

Information for Delicious

True to its name, Delicious is a delectable heirloom tomato variety. It is popularly known for holding the world record of biggest-sized tomato weighing in at more than seven pounds (3 kg). The plant produces high yields of huge red beefsteak-shaped tomatoes on indeterminate vines. Trellises or cages are often required to support the weight of the tomatoes.

This big tomato variety was originally called Burpee Delicious. It was developed from the Beefsteak variety by W. Atlee Burpee & Co. However, the Burpee catalog has not enlisted it in its collections for several years.

The Delicious fruits transform into unblemished, succulent red tomatoes that mature in 69 to 80 days once transplanted. These tomatoes are also crack-resistant, have a small seed cavity and have a long shelf life. They make perfect slicing tomatoes ideal for sandwiches, tomato juice, salads, and canning. The solid, meaty texture of Delicious tomatoes provide excellent juiciness and rich flavor.

Although it has reached a record-breaking seven pounds, the standard Delicious tomato size ranges from one to two pounds (453-907 g). The plant continues its growth until killed by the first frost. It requires full sunlight since inadequate sun causes the vines to be frail and angular.

Tomato growers regard Delicious tomatoes as key mainstays in their gardens. For those who want to set a record for the biggest tomato, Delicious is the way to go.

Photo Credit: seedmoney1
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