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Black Cherry

Black Cherry Stats

Height: 72 - 120" (1.83-3.05 m)
Plant Spacing: 24 - 36" (0.61-0.91 m)
Row Spacing: 36 - 48" (0.91-1.22 m)
Days to Maturity: 69 - 80
Growing Habit: Indeterminate
Sun: Full Sun
Color: Black, Purple
Size: Small
Shape: Small
Genetic Type: Heirloom
Variety Type: Cherry, Non-Reds, Saladette/Pear
Disease Resistance: N/A

Common Uses

Eaten fresh, salads, pastas, kebabs, gazpachos, salsas, stir-fried dishes, cherry tomato mixes, as food ornaments

Other Names


Information for Black Cherry

Known as the most productive and best-tasting cherry tomato variety around, the Black Cherry tomato is an indeterminate, open pollinated plant native to Southern Ukraine. During the Crimean War in the 19th century, the Black Cherry seeds spread throughout Western Russia thanks to the soldiers who brought it back from small areas in the Crimean Peninsula. In the succeeding years, several varieties of Black Cherry tomatoes have cropped up all over Russia.

Black Cherry tomato plants are vigorous and prolific vines that carry cherry-like fruits. The fruits are small and have that distinctive black or dusky dark-purple color, hence the term "Black Cherry". The interior is predominantly purple. It is also disease resistant and keeps its production going until the first days of winter.

The taste of Black Cherry tomatoes hints at sweetness, smokiness and tartness. They are extremely delicious, meaty and juicy even if they do not have high water content. They are used in a number of dishes not only for their flavor but also for their looks. Great in salsas, salads, soups, and skewers on a barbeque, Black Cherry tomatoes are versatile additions to any dish.

They are also wonderful as food and display ornaments. Growers of this variety highly value their exotic-looking Black Cherry produce since its sprawling plant looks good in the gardens, too.

At present, it is known that Black Cherry tomatoes are profusely grown in former Yugoslavia, Germany and United States. In the United States alone, California and Texas have the most number of Black Cherry tomato producers. Black Cherry seeds are often stocked in small-sized packets available in several vegetable nurseries in the United States.

Photo Credit: jenconspiracy
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