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Big Beef

Big Beef Stats

Height: 96 - 120" (2.44-3.05 m)
Plant Spacing: 36 - 48" (0.91-1.22 m)
Row Spacing: 36 - 60" (0.91-1.52 m)
Days to Maturity: 70 - 80
Growing Habit: Indeterminate
Sun: Full Sun
Color: Red
Size: Medium
Shape: Medium
Genetic Type: Hybrid
Variety Type: Paste/Canning, Slicers
Disease Resistance: V, F, N, T

Common Uses

Salads, sandwiches, eaten fresh or canned

Other Names


Information for Big Beef

The Big Beef hybrid tomato was originally grown and developed in Colen Wyatt's home garden. Wyatt bred the Big Beef tomato for PetoSeed Co. at Seminis Vegetable Seeds in 1991. In 1994, Big Beef became the AAS (All America Selections) winner and crowned as the ultimate all-around tomato.

Classified as an indeterminate plant, the Big Beef is a vigorous climber with vines that are often supported by stakes or cages. It continues to produce fruits from summer until the first days of winter. The plant is an outstanding producer that creates consistently beefy and unblemished fruits that exhibit a classic tomato flavor.

The Big Beef fruit features a Beefsteak shape with an extra-smooth, red-colored exterior that matures evenly from 10 to 12 ounces (283-340 g) on the vines. The taste of the fruit gives the right proportions of sugar and acid making the tomato particularly rich-tasting and flavorful.

Big Beef was cultivated for steady pollination under any climate condition. The production of the Big Beef plant does not seem affected by weather and disease. In fact, Big Beef tomatoes have excellent disease resistance compared to other tomato varieties.

Touted as a "national favorite", the Big Beef grows vigorously throughout the country. Southern United States and Puerto Rico are among the regions believed to grow Big Beef hybrid. The Big Beef is also considered a greenhouse crop since gardeners prefer to grow them in their own plots, nurseries and arboretums.

Photo Credit: garden beth
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