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How to Sous Vide Ice Cream

Making ice cream using sous vide is a good way to pasteurize eggs and kill any bacteria making the cold treat safer to eat. Ice cream bases can vary, but most are cooked at 185°F (85°C) for 30 Minutes.

If there is one cold treat that almost anyone would love to have, it is definitely ice cream. This comfort food is something that most people would enjoy at any age, the only thing better than eating ice cream would be being able to make it at home.

Making ice cream is a fairly easy process, as long as you have a machine for it. The only problem with this is the use of raw eggs. Many recipes will often call for the use of a fairly large amount of uncooked eggs to help get that creamy flavor and texture. Of course, this could be a big risk since there is always the chance of food poisoning. This is especially true since freezing only prevents the growth of bacteria, but does not destroy it.

Sous vide ice cream is a good way to be able to make ice cream without having to worry about using raw eggs. The low temperature cooking will allow the eggs to become pasteurized, killing any bacteria that may be present. However, since the amount of heat used is controlled, it will not be enough to cook the eggs, still making it useable for ice cream.

The process for making sous vide ice cream couldn’t be any simpler. Just mix all the ingredients called for into a food grade bag, remove as much air as possible, seal and put it into the water bath with a temperature of 185°F or 85°C for 30 minutes. Once done, the mixture can then be used in an ice cream machine.

Aside from pasteurizing eggs, this technique is also ideal for making other egg based creams and sauces that are sometimes used for making ice cream.

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What is the Best Sous Vide Ice Cream Temperatures and Times?

Making ice cream using sous vide is a good way to pasteurize eggs and kill any bacteria making the cold treat safer to eat. Ice cream bases can vary, but most are cooked at 185°F (85°C) for 30 Minutes.
  • Ice Cream: 185°F (85°C) for 30 minutes (85.0ºC)

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What Are Some Sous Vide Ice Cream Recipes?

Here are several of the Ice Cream recipes that I recommend trying out.

Sous Vide Malted Milk Shake Ice Cream Recipe

Sous Vide Malted Milk Shake Ice Cream Recipe image Matt Zadorozny is my sous vide guru. I recently spent a few hours with him at his home on Nantucket Island, talking a blue streak while he prepped 50 pounds of mushrooms for his sister's wedding. Matt has worked in some of the finest kitchens in New York, including Per Se and WD 50, where sous vide cooking is part of the daily routine. He has his own immersion circulator and chamber vacuum sealer (I'm envious), and his passion for the technique is contagious. Matt has been very generous in sharing his extensive knowledge of cooking times and temperatures with me, and we're delighted to have him collaborate with us.

Sous Vide Champagne Zabaglione Recipe

Sous Vide Champagne Zabaglione Recipe image Summer is upon us and my thoughts have turned to berries, and cherries, and luscious stone fruits. I love to combine the sweetest fruit of the season with a simple yet elegant sauce such as Italian zabaglione (or sabayon, as it is known in France).

Sous Vide Passion Fruit Ice Cream

Sous Vide Passion Fruit Ice Cream image I am crazy for the sweet-tart, floral flavor of passion fruit. Although my garden produces just about every kind of fruit, it's a few degrees too cold during the winter months in Carmel Valley to grow this divine tropical fruit. I know, because I've tried and failed on two occasions.

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